So You Want to Be a Drone Pilot


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The So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot course will introduce educators to drones and how one
can register and operate a drone legally. Participants will learn how to prepare students to take
the remote pilot exam by the Federal Aviation Administration and discuss topics regarding
safety, following rules, and insurance requirements.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Describe personal and commercial uses of drones as well as potential careers in the drone
2. Define key terms related to drones.
3. Outline the structure and topics covered in the remote pilot exam.
4. Identify where to take a remote pilot exam and locate their nearest testing center.
5. List the eligibility requirements to take the knowledge test.
6. Discuss the importance of flying legally, following rules, and safety.
7. Describe the steps to register a drone as well as the penalties for failing to register.
8. Evaluate rather drone insurance is necessary and describe the cost and coverage of drone