Early Childhood II


01/12/2022 - 04/01/2023    
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Early Childhood II

eNetLearning Certified Facilitators Provided for Each Course


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The Early Childhood II Two course is designed to provide an overview of the professional expectations of being an early childhood educator. Throughout the course, participants will learn about what it means to be a professional, including the significance of professional development in any educational role. They will review observational methods and the history of education in the United States, with a focus on early childhood and school-age programs. They will spend a significant portion of the course learning about the importance of Developmentally Appropriate Practice and how to implement DAP strategies. Designing physical, social, and temporal environments will also be a major focus of the course, as will developing relationships with families and communities to strengthen their position and knowledge.

This four-five week course is delivered by eNetLearning and there is a $115 registration fee to cover facilitation costs.  After completion of course requirements, you will receive 45 continuing educational units or as an option receive three graduate credit hours from Adams State University for an additional $165 paid directly to Adams State University.


Upon completion of this course, the educator will be able to:

  1. Identify early childhood education career opportunities.
  2. Describe characteristics of a safe, sanitary, healthy childcare environment.
  3. Compare and contrast the characteristics of child development, including special needs children.
  4. Design a developmentally appropriate engaging learning activity.
  5. Create schedules that include active and quiet times, individual, small, and large group experiences.
  6. Distinguish between appropriate/inappropriate practices of guiding child behaviors.
  7. Outline ways to show empathy, understanding and caring.
  8. Describe common terms and concepts related to brain development.
  9. Model appropriate and positive characteristics of being a caring childcare educator.


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