eNet-ART- You Can Bring Art into Your Teaching


01/06/2023 - 30/12/2023    
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eNetLearning Certified Facilitators Provided for Each Course

Welcome to this course offering.

During this asynchronous online, facilitated course, educators will explore the pedagogy in teaching from works of art, learn key online and blended instructional design strategies, and master how to use a collection of online tools that support collaboration and curation. The course readings and activities elevate the concepts of blended and online instruction to a high level, encouraging deep reflection and conversation about creating successful learning communities, promoting student collaboration, and enhancing instructive techniques. Educators work both individually and collaboratively throughout the course.

You’ll be surprised at how you can integrate art into a variety of curricula areas, Language, History, Science, etc. Get ready to play with new ideas, create, have fun, and talk with others about the process of making art!

Continuous sessions are offered

Course Goals

  • Explain and build knowledge of the art critique process
  • Differentiate between blended and online instruction
  • Describe how to maintain student engagement and motivation in online and blended learning environments
  • List and describe characteristics of effective online learning communities
  • Explore and use a variety of digital tools to support communication and the sharing of your projects
  • Build strategies and techniques for making connections between art, history and language arts
  • Identify and describe various criteria used when evaluating artwork and works of art in terms of history, culture, and aesthetics
  • Reflect on current practices in teaching art and propose new ideas to apply and incorporate in their schools/districts
  • Identify symbolism in art examples
  • Design a body of work with a specific concept
  • Create new forms of art with familiar objects
  • Demonstrate the documentary process in art projects
  • Investigate and identify the difference between art and craft
  • Identify how performance art differs from theater
  • Explain how contemporary artists approach portraiture
  • Develop a plan for implementing art in a blended or online course




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