Charter Board Modules-CDE Innovation & Choice

The Charter Board Modules offered the CDE-Innovation and Choice can be accessed by emailing

She will then enroll you in the charter modules and send you the needed information to access the site area.

Welcome to Colorado Department of Education Schools of Choice Charter School Board Training Modules. These modules have been designed to accomplish two things:

→  Provide new charter school board members with the information and tools to provide strong support and oversight for the school; and

→  Serve as a refresher to established board members as a method of continual skills and leadership development.

There are 30 board training modules, each containing three main components:

  • pre-test
  • module presentation (in PowerPoint)
  • post-test

Modules can be completed in any order.

The pre-test helps you identify your existing knowledge. Those scoring at a high level on the pre-test automatically pass the module and can proceed on to the next module. However, you may still want to review the module presentation to ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge.

If your pre-test identifies gaps in your knowledge, then you will be required to watch the module presentation and then complete the post-test.  You can review the module presentation and take the post-test as many times as necessary to secure a passing score on each module.

Once you have completed all 30 modules, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.