Issues & Trends in Today’s Educational Leadership

Issues & Trends in Today’s Educational Leadership   

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This course is designed for teachers, instructional leaders, principals, and superintendents who want to develop and further expand their leadership skills. Upon completion, the participant will receive 45 continuing education units or optional 3 graduate credit hours from Adams State University.

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Issues and Trends in Today’s Educational Leadership provides an interactive e-learning experience to support today’s educational challenges. In this course, participants explore how to be a true leader who fosters a dynamic learning environment that leverages technology.  Participants explore examples of best practices, examine leadership behaviors, and develop strategies to be that leader.  Participants discuss ideas and strategies with other leaders in the course and apply them to their own practice. Extension activities and online tools will provide opportunities to explore in depth topics of interest.

Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to: 

  • Identify leadership skills/strategies.
  • Incorporate International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Leadership Standards.
  • Implement a set of “next steps” to support “personal” growth in effectively using technology to support their current leadership position.
  • Identify steps and solutions to meet the challenges and issues facing schools today.
  • Select technology tools to support teaching and learning.
  • Model safe and ethical use of the Internet to support teachers, students, and parents.
  • Develop a visionary plan and create a presentation that outlines a pathway for parents, staff, and school administration incorporating current issues and trends.


  • Examine trends in technology and education that support leadership.
  • Investigate and discuss how new technology tools can impact schools.
  • Explore and develop a list for the use of online technology tools.
  • Collaborate and share solutions to leadership challenges.
  • Create a visionary plan highlighting a pathway for your school district.

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