Becoming a Facilitating Teacher in Today’s World

Becoming a Facilitating Teacher in Today’s World

eNetLearning Certified Facilitators Provided for Each Course

This six-week e-course is designed for educators who want to facilitate an online course or offer a blended experience that includes online work to enhance student learning. The information, resources and strategies offered in this course will help teachers use their newly-acquired online facilitation skills to take their teaching to a higher level.

Course resources and activities will encourage deep reflection and discussion about creating successful learning communities, promoting collaboration, and enhancing instructional techniques. Where appropriate, it draws on free, web-based tools that support the pedagogical focus of each session. Each session will also address how to effectively integrate mobile devices to extend teaching and learning. Participants will work both individually and collaboratively throughout the course. As a final project, our BFT Action Plan will be completed as a synthesis of what’s learned in each session.


This course addresses:


During this course, participants will learn skills and strategies to:

  1. Support an active online learning community;
  2. Maintain student engagement and motivation in online courses;
  3. Implement and facilitate online collaboration and group work activities;
  4. Differentiate online instruction by delivering content in diverse ways;
  5. Bring relevant and dynamic outside resources into a static course environment;
  6. Effectively assess and provide feedback to participants in online courses; and
  7. Effectively integrate mobile devices into teaching and learning activities

This course is designed for teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators.  You will receive 30 continuing education hours/units or optional 2 graduate credit hours from Adams State University.

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