Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing Support by eNetLearning

eNetLearning is providing access to Adobe Connect Pro web conferencing “rooms” to  school districts, BOCES, and educational organizations in Colorado who are eNetLearning partners. We support low cost access to Adobe Connect Pro rooms to our partners at a cost of $225/year.  One of our goals is to help educators gain experience in the use of web conferencing to support teaching and learning.



Features include:

  • Seminar Meeting rooms that accommodate up to 100 participants
  • Cross-platform
  • No software installation required
  • Screen sharing
  • Chat, notes, whiteboard
  • Video via web cameras
  • VoIP (audio delivered via Internet at no cost)
  • Persistent content in meeting rooms – upload and store presentations, documents, and video
  • Record meetings for future playback -Record meetings presentations, video, and audio, including integrated teleconferencing and VoIP
  • Customizable meeting layouts
  • Multiple meeting rooms per named organizer
  • Reporting and administration
  • Polling
  • Uploading and streaming of media (MP3)
  • Central content library

Added Integrated Phone Conferencing Feature

Teleconferencing/phone bridge is deployed with each “room” as an option to deliver high quality audio. The cost for this integrated phone conferencing option is $.04/minute/participant (plus required FCC fees) and is the responsibility of each organization who uses one of the eNetLearning’s Adobe Connect rooms. NOTE: This conferencing bridge can also be used independently of a web conference session to support conference calls.