Mission Statement

eNetLearning’s mission is to provide high-quality content, professional development, and resources that support the evolving needs of educators and student learning.

eNet Online Courses

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eNetLearning Overview

eNetLearning is a project of the Colorado BOCES Foundation supported by the Colorado BOCES Association and in partnership with the Centennial Board of Cooperative Services (CBOCES).

eNetLearning has built partnerships with the BOCES, educational and  community based organizations, and private companies to support the over 150 smallest and rural school districts in Colorado.  This partnership works together to identify and provide high quality free and inexpensive resources to districts and teachers by leveraging locally developed content and shared access strategies.

To learn more about eNetLearning’s educational resources and professional development, please email Dan Morris at danmorris@enetlearning.org  


eNetLearning was initiated in 2009 through a Colorado Department of Education (CDE) grant through the Title ll-D program that provided initial funding to build “21st century tech rich classrooms” with an emphasis on developing professional development and delivery strategies that can support teachers and districts statewide as they implement the new state standards

eNetLearning currently sustains its work as a project of the Colorado BOCES Foundation through various awards, grants, and fees so it can support districts and educators statewide with a special emphasis on small and rural districts.