Ways To Be an Awesome Parent: Good Parenting Skills and Tips

As a teacher, we all need resources to share with our parents.  The following addresses ideas on parenting skills from infants to teenagers and parenting during difficult times at home.

As your child develop from a baby and toddler to a schooler and teenager, many things change but basic principles remain the same. As an awesome parent, you will balance his or her maturity level and needs with rules, responsibilities, and allowances.

While the younger child is more self-centered and less understanding of other’s expectations, the teenager is more attuned to compromise, negotiation, and developing their independence and identity.

Knowing how to be a good parent is intuitive.

  • Trust and follow your instinct.
  • Gage and act according to your child’s display of maturity.
  • Create structure.
  • Communicate often and openly. Listen attentively. Encourage your kids to talk about their experiences and emotions.
  • Demonstrate empathy and trust.
  • Most of all, enjoy your children at whatever age they are. It is a time of learning and sharing, reaching new heights together. Be there while they grow.

Here is our parenting advice how to be good with kids so that they realize their full potential.


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