The following are statements from Colorado teachers who have taken our eNetColorado courses.

  • eNetColorado courses are just what all teachers should take.  The courses truly integrate the importance of the essential questioning, as well as incorporate and encourage the use of 21st century skills.  The courses  implement common core and teacher effectiveness standards.  The courses helped me develop very successful project based activities that my students truly loved as well as provided a service to our community.  I’ll be signing up for another course for sure!
  • The interaction with other participants and facilitators who had broad ideas about how cellphones might be used in the classroom was so worthwhile.  I so appreciated the discussion area where we could share and even collaborate our thoughts and ideas to build a plan that would incorporate not only our state standards but technology standards was a definite plus.  The eNetColorado courses and their facilitators are the best that I have found.  I will continue to return to take courses from them.
  • What a great seminar on DREAM, CO-PLC and iTunes Academy! We’ve been exploring the CO-PLC and CDE offerings this summer in Educator Effectiveness seminars (since we were a pilot district last year), but we were just saying how difficult it is to navigate to all of those things. The DREAM platform definitely makes that very easy…I can actually use my findings in a real way in my classroom. I also love all the offerings so many of them match my literature units!  I feel a little bit ridiculous, after taking this class. I searched and poked and bookmarked all over the internet last year, but I still felt so unorganized. You have put boundaries on my world and then given me a place to play! I feel SO much more able now, and feel that I can actually use my findings in a real way in my classroom, rather than trying to figure out how to incorporate something random.  Please thank Dan Morris for his presentation – it was wonderful!
  • I truly appreciate that sharing of resources that occurred in eNetColorado courses. The articles that were built into the courses and shared by other participants are valuable resources. Also, the opportunity to take the time to experiment with a lot of different tools. I had heard about most of them previously but hadn’t taken the time to explore them and integrate them into PD or meetings.
  • I thought using some of the internet resources with phones was very valuable. I plan on using ipadio with teachers on an upcoming “Inquiry Quest” project so they can record their scripts using their phones instead of having to use computer lab time. Also – reflecting on our district policies regarding cell phone use was valuable.


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