ART -You Can build ART into your Teaching

Welcome to this online course.

In this course, you’ll explore the works of several contemporary artists working with a variety of techniques. You’ll experiment with these artists’ techniques, ideas, and concepts by creating artworks of your own, inspired by their work. These experimental art projects will help you find an idea that you’ll be able to develop a lesson relating to very own curriculum. (language, history, social studies, etc.) Get ready to play with new ideas, create, have fun, and talk with other students about the process of making art!

This course is intended for middle, high school, and community college educators who would like to incorporate art into their teaching. We welcome all educators and administrators.

You will be create activities and use online resources and we will make sure you are comfortable navigating activities. You’ll learn how incorporated art into your teaching and various curricula, how to assess, as well as tips for being a successful teacher in an online learning community.

Course Goals

During this facilitated course, educators will do the following:

  • Build knowledge of the art critique process and Explain that process
  • Differentiate and Explain blended and online instruction
  • Describe how to maintain student engagement and motivation in online and blended environments
  •  List and describe characteristics of effective online learning communities
  • Explore and use a variety of digital tools to support your communication and the sharing of your projects
  • Reflect on current practices and Plan ideas to apply in their schools/districts
  • Incorporate symbolism in art
  • Build strategies for making connections between art, history and language arts
  • Represent a personal and societal viewpoint
  • Design a body of work with a specific concept
  • Create new forms with familiar objects
  • Use a documentary process in art projects
  • Investigate and explain the difference between art and craft
  • Study how performance art differs from theater
  • Learn and Explain how contemporary artists approach portraitre
  • Develop a plan for implementing art in a blended or online course

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